Grease hydraulic spindle power

Minimum effort - maximum stripping performance with the 800 / 8-0 series

A hydraulic spindle of the series 800 and 8-0 is applied

The hydraulic spindles of the 800 and 8-0 series are suitable for extracting particularly tight bearings, gears and pulleys.‍
The self-contained hydraulics ensure on the one hand a significant reduction in workload, and on the other hand this generates forces that are difficult to achieve with mechanical spindles.

These are the benefits

Ease of work:Hydraulics convert mechanical torque‍e into maximum force
Individual adaptation:Spindle extensions allow quick adaptation to a wide range of requirements
800 series

Hydraulic spindle with mechanical drive for extracting particularly tight bearings, gears and pulleys.


Series 8-0

Long hydraulic spindle allows easy and controlled pulling of particularly tight parts. Can be combined with the standard range of our pullers such as 20-2 and 20-20.

Want even more power? No problem!‍

The hydraulic additional press of the 9 series maximizes the pressure output of mechanical pullers.‍
The advantage here is that the spindle does not have to be replaced.

Series 9

Auxiliary hydraulic press to increase the pressure power of mechanical extractors for particularly tight-fitting bearings, gears and pulleys.