Pulling off with dexterity 41-2

Take stripping into your own hands with universal strippers with swiveling stripping hooks

Puller 41-2 is used on a workbench

The 2-arm universal puller with swiveling puller hooks enables the pulling off of smaller bearings, discs and gears.
Thanks to the integrated, freely movable T-handle, exactly the force required for pulling off is generated.



Application examples

1. Automotive / pulling off windshield wiper arms:

Broken or damaged wiper arms must be replaced. The screw used to fix them is often so tight due to corrosion that a puller must be used. 

2. E-bikes / ball bearing replacement:

The 2-arm universal puller is recommended for replacing a ball bearing in the electric motor of e-bikes.

These are the benefits

Handling:Easy to grip model that fits perfectly in the hand
T-handle:Movable pin with maximum turning capability in the tightest of spaces
Self-centering:The hook by tightening the spindle
Stand-alone:No other tool is needed for the pull-off process
Force regulationAdjustable T-handle to regulate the force
Force transmission:The greater the pull-off force, the stronger the grip of the pull-off hook on the workpiece to be pulled off
Haptics:Direct manual adjustment through physical contact
Two-armed design:Swiveling puller hooks guarantee space-saving work