The 5 best tips for external extraction

With KUKKO you will learn everything about outdoor stripping

An application example of an external extractor

As a specialist for external stripping with know-how and foresight, KUKKO is the number one worldwide when it comes to non-destructive dismantling. We offer the right solution for every stripping situation, no matter how special. As a pioneer in this field, we can guarantee the highest product quality and user safety at all times.

Since no two stripping processes are alike, the choice of the right stripper is a very decisive factor. Correct handling and proper use are also important.

These are our pro tips!

1. Oil the sliding surfaces

For an easy pull-off process, it is recommended to oil the sliding surfaces over which the component is pulled off (e.g. with our KUKKO Bio-Multi-Oil). This ensures that the frictional resistance at the set of the component to be extracted is minimized.


2. Grease the spindle

Greasing the spindle will help the crosshead spindle guide run smoother. The use of spindle grease (KUKKO special grease) also prevents possible corrosion.


3. Apply puller correctly

The contact surfaces of the puller hooks must sit completely and straight under the part to be pulled off. In the case of central shafts, the puller must always be positioned centrally.


4. Use exchangeable pressure pieces

The exchangeable pressure pads are an optimal supplement for KUKKO pressure spindles with exchangeable tips. By combining them, various application possibilities arise for individual adaptation on the shaft.


5. Use accessories sensibly

We supply the appropriate accessories to adapt the puller to any situation during external pull-off. Whether extensions, clamps or hydraulic spindles - KUKKO finds the right solution for every problem.


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