With KUKKO, Every Handle Fits - 728 Series

Precise work - from model making to marine engineering with our locking pliers set

Part of the locking pliers set in use

The 728 series locking pliers set is suitable for mounting and dismounting retaining rings on shafts and in bores.‍
The shape of the pliers tip plays a decisive role in being able to grip internal rings well. This engages in the bore of the retaining ring and enables safe insertion or removal.

The right pliers for every application

Whether inside, outside, angled, straight, deep-seated or difficult to reach‍: Our forged locking pliers can be precisely positioned in the bores and ensure an unobstructed view of the tips.


Work facilitation:Comfortable working in hard-to-reach places
Power transmission:The user himself doses the force that arrives at the workpiece
Safety:Slip-resistant, stable tips ensure safe working

The inner ring is difficult to reach without pliers.

The pliers are inserted into the hole of the retaining ring.

The circlip has certainly been removed.