Our mission statement

In order to navigate together into a successful future, we rely on a clear set of goals in which everyone must pull together.

KUKKO Mitarbeiter am Tisch im Garten essend

Culture that lives and moves

Our values characterize us and our company KUKKO - this must be experienced by every employee internally in the team and for customers and business partners, in every contact. Each individual at KUKKO is a representative of our values. By behaving as our values dictate, we become credible and attractive to customers and partners. This applies to every action: our joint work in internal teams, from customer inquiries to complaints to meeting deadlines. Our values are a promise to our customers, partners and colleagues that we must always keep. Each individual should ask themselves in every action: are we acting energetically? Do we think ahead to create the best solution? Are we trustworthy, i.e. reliable and honest? Those who can answer yes to these questions are living our values.

We are energetic

We are committed and strong-willed. We embrace change. We solve our customers' problems as flexibly and quickly as possible. We do not shy away from challenges, but tackle them with enthusiasm. We concentrate on solving the problem. Every employee works responsibly to develop solutions in his or her area of responsibility. When working as a team, each individual is committed, contributing his or her knowledge and experience in order to achieve the best result together.

We think ahead

We have a tradition of thinking ahead. Gathering experience, looking ahead, examining what is possible and implementing new things flexibly and quickly. This is how we have created innovative solutions and continuously developed. Every employee is encouraged to contribute to the development of future-oriented products and solutions. In this way, we want to inspire customers and secure the success of our company for the future. We promote, challenge and encourage each other to develop ideas, test them together and explore possible new avenues.

We are trustworthy

We treat customers, colleagues and employees with respect and appreciation. We take responsibility for our area of responsibility and work carefully. Our customers, business partners and colleagues can rely on us. We keep our promises. If we cannot fulfill them, we deal with them openly and honestly and inform in time before a problem arises. We work together as a team. We listen and are open to suggestions and opinions. This helps us to move forward together.

Our value proposition

KUKKO is the dedicated solution developer that keeps everything moving quickly and reliably with know-how and foresight for customers and partners.

The special strengths of KUKKO as a company have been summarized in one sentence. Strengths that we have already proven in the past and that are important for customers today and in the future. This sentence is the performance promise that we as a company make to KUKKO customers and partners. We are measured by whether we keep this promise. Therefore, it is important that every employee works in his or her area of responsibility to keep this promise and make it tangible - whether in direct contact with our customers and business partners, in product development or internally by supporting others through the solution of our tasks and thus contributing to the result.

Our strategy

KUKKO for a world in motion. With our solutions and products, we want to make a sustainable contribution to avoiding standstill.


What started as a manufactory in the cellar of a residential house on October 1, 1919, is today a globally operating family business in the fourth generation under the leadership of business owner Michael Kleinbongartz. The market leader operates from Hilden with 50 employees and sells its products in over 100 countries worldwide. Today, KUKKO is no longer just a manufacturer of stripping tools, but rather a solution developer who uses know-how and vision to ensure that everything continues to run smoothly for its customers and partners.

Our mission

As the inventor of the extractor, our attention and will to develop has always been focused on the gentle and precise extraction of rotating parts with the aim of keeping everything moving and avoiding downtime. That is why we are committed today and in the future to productivity, prosperity and progress in industry, aviation, local and long-distance transport, logistics, agriculture or private households.

We want to be the global solution developer by 2025. As a driving force, we solve future challenges to keep tomorrow's workflows and processes moving.

Our vision

KUKKO is international. Already 100 years ago we received orders from Great Britain. The good relations have lasted until today. Step by step, other countries were added. By establishing our own subsidiaries and strategic partnerships, we have already invested in our future. We will carefully continue on this path and open up new markets around the globe, because the demand for premium tools and solutions "Made in Germany" is increasing.