Hydraulic puller solutions

Maximum power transmission thanks to hydraulics.

  • Hydraulic pullers in the application


    The hydraulic pullers from KUKKO are capable of solving even extreme pulling problems. The continuously adjustable power always enables controlled and safe work while utilizing the full performance potential of the pullers. Whenever manual power reaches its limits, the hydraulic system ensures maximum power transmission.

    The hydraulic cylinders are suitable for extracting particularly large and tightly fitted bearings, gears and pulleys. Depending on the cylinder, the pull-off force is in the range between 5 and 75 tons.

  • Picture of the KUKKO GOLIATH

    Hydraulic heavyweights

    The Big Player series includes mobile KUKKO pullers for heavy industry, railroads, commercial vehicles, power plants and other applications where large bearings, gears or similar parts have to be dismantled.

    With a puller force of up to 50 t, the GOLIATH is the solution for puller operations that require a particularly large use of force.