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  • Questions about vehicle-specific pullers?

    Some products have information on vehicle types. These are products that should only be used there. Exactly which puller a vehicle fits is defined by the vehicle manufacturers. Therefore, we have mostly universal pullers. Our pullers are specified with their dimensions and forces, so it is recommended to measure the situation conditions and compare them with the technical information of our products.

  • Do the old hooks fit on the new crossbars?

    No, older hooks have different dimensions. Partially they fit on new trusses, but can not be securely fastened there. We are continuously improving our products, which may involve a change in the dimensions of an item. We recommend to always use the new items or the items intended for each other.

  • How does my puller work?

    You will find detailed instructions for using your product in the operating instructions. For one set, a quick reference guide is included in the case lid. For many products, there is an operating manual in the case. Some products have a QR code. If you scan this, you will be taken to the product page on our website. There you will find the instruction manual and additional explanatory videos. You can also watch all videos explaining our products on our Youtube channel.

  • Which spindle is in my puller?

    Each spindle has an article number lasered below the spindle head. If this article number is not legible through use, you can search our website for the article used with this spindle. The spindle is assigned to the article as a spare part. You can use this to find out the article number of your spindle.

  • Where can I find extensions for my puller?

    You will find extensions and accessories for your puller on our website. Simply enter your KUKKO article number in the search mask. Once you have found your product, you can find additional items that fit your product under the items spare part, consists of, is part of, accessories etc..

  • How can I complain/ return an item?

    If you have any complaints about a KUKKO item, please feel free to contact us by e-mail at anfrage@kukko.com and describe your complaint. If you would like to return an item, please use our return receipt. You can find it on our website under downloads.

  • Where can I find the dimensions of the hooks?

    The dimensions of the hooks can be found on the product as lasering or casting. You can also find the dimensions via our homepage if you enter the corresponding item number via the search mask. You can also find the hook dimensions in our puller guide.

  • Do you also produce special pullers according to customers' requirements?

    Yes, we produce special tools tailored to your requirements. This requires a detailed problem definition and a description of the environmental conditions. You can send us pictures and describe your problems. We will contact you in any case and find a solution.

  • What information do I need for telephone price inquiries?

    For price inquiries we need your customer number.

  • How do I receive my invoices?

    You will receive your invoice separately by mail or e-mail.

  • At what times are you available by phone?

    We are available Monday through Thursday from 7:15 am to 4:00 pm. On Fridays we are available by phone from 7:15 am to 2:30 pm.

  • In which form do I have to/can I order?

    In principle, we accept orders in written form by e-mail, fax or mail.

  • Can the goods be picked up on site?

    Yes, after appropriate notification, you can collect your goods from us on site from Monday to Thursday until 15:30 and on Fridays until 14:00.

  • Until when do I have to order so that the goods in stock are shipped today?

    You should have placed your order by noon so that it can be shipped on time the same business day. During isolated order peaks, the processing time may be extended due to the large number of previous orders.

  • Where can I find the serial number for warranty extension/product registration?

    The serial number is located on the back of the KUKKO chip, which is included in each set.

  • Do you offer other shipping methods?

    Your goods can also be shipped with DPD or your own service provider. With UPS, there are additional delivery options to choose from:
    UPS Express Plus until 9:00 a.m., Express until 10:30 a.m., Express 12:00 to 12:00 p.m. (depending on weight).

  • When will I receive my goods?

    If your order has been received and processed by noon, within Germany you will usually receive your goods on the next working day.

  • How will my goods be shipped?

    Your goods will be shipped with our logistics partner UPS Express Saver.

  • How do I find out which KUKKO product is needed for my situation?

    Using our product configurator, you can easily and quickly configure a product suitable for your situation. If you would like to have a closer look at your environmental conditions, our puller guide with the ABC of pullers offers you a selection option with which you can find the KUKKO product suitable for you from a wide variety of initial situations.

  • How can I return something and where?

    If you want to return an item, go to the download section on our website. There you will find our return receipt. Please fill it out completely and enclose it with the return. On this return slip you will also find the corresponding address.

  • How do I find out which KUKKO product I have?

    All KUKKO products have an article number that is lasered or cast onto the product. You can enter this number in the search mask on our website and your product will be displayed. If the item number is unrecognizable due to normal wear and tear, you can email us at anfrage@kukko.com with a picture and we will help you identify your product.

  • I am looking for a spare part for an item.

    You can query spare parts on our website based on the article. To do this, enter the KUKKO article number of your tool in the search mask. Your requested article will then appear. Under the item spare parts you can now view all spare parts available for this article with their article number.

  • How can I reach KUKKO by phone?

    If you have any questions, you can reach us by phone at 02103 / 9754-400. You can reach us from Monday to Thursday between 7:15 am and 4:00 pm. On Friday we are available by phone from 7:15 am to 2:30 pm.

  • How can I request items?

    You can send a request for a specific item by email to anfrage@kukko.com.

  • How can I order as a dealer?

    As a merchant, you can easily send your order by email to order@kukko.com.

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