KUKKO offers solutions for all industries. Both global challenges and local requirements are served.

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    Agriculture and forestry

    Larger farms, higher yields, more output - in agriculture and forestry, the signs are pointing toward specialization and ever greater process optimization.
    Autonomously controlled, fully digitized harvesting machines have long been a reality in agriculture. "Smart farming and precision farming solutions are digitizing agricultural production, and the first multifunctional agricultural robots are taking care of crop protection. Whether analog or digitally controlled, it is essential to keep agricultural technology moving at all times and avoid standstill. The prerequisite for this is the right tool in the right place at the right time. KUKKO has special solutions for all areas of agricultural technology and our expert advisors will be happy to advise you.

    A mower on a field to the branch agriculture and forestry A mower on a field to the branch agriculture and forestry
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    Precision, safety and durability are of crucial importance in aviation.
    Strict standards and binding regulations apply to all development and maintenance processes in aviation technology. We are very familiar with these specifications and also enable a high level of application reliability. Thanks to our proximity to customers, we know what is important. Whether in the landing gear area or on the turbines in the engine - KUKKO solutions are designed to meet the highest requirements in terms of quality and material properties. We keep costly maintenance and repair-related aircraft-on-ground times to a minimum and keep driving aviation forward.

    Aircraft in production hall for the aviation industry Aircraft in production hall for the aviation industry
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    Chain drive

    KUKKO is an important player in drive and conveyor technology. In the event of maintenance work, perfectly adapted pulling tools ensure minimized downtimes. All areas of transport, load, gear and conveyor chains are covered.

    Typical application examples include chain drives in the food industry, conveyor chains in the construction industry, transport chains in mining and the recycling industry, drive technology for roller coasters and chains for water treatment in heating and cooling applications.

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    KUKKO is often involved in the development of systems and machines in order to design the optimum puller solution for maintenance or repair use at an early stage.
    The digital revolution is changing our industrial landscape. Machine availability is becoming increasingly important. We at KUKKO ensure that downtime does not become an emergency. We are constantly developing the classic areas of application for our pullers in non-destructive dismantling. In mechanical and plant engineering, for example, we can cope with increasingly narrow repair application areas and highly sensitive materials. In this way, we guarantee rapid maintenance and reduce costly downtimes.

    Construction site with cranes for construction industry Construction site with cranes for construction industry
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    Drive technology

    Whether automotive or mechanical engineering - no production today can do without innovative solutions for the drive.
    New and above all demanding materials require professional tools. We know the requirements of drive technology very well. Safe applications are based on reliable materials and professional tools. KUKKO supplies tools that meet the high standards of the industry and are ideally suited to the various materials. Close cooperation with drive technology companies is the basis for the continuous further development of our products.

    Individual parts of a motor for the drive technology sector Individual parts of a motor for the drive technology sector
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    Hydraulics make heavy physical work easier while reducing repair and machine downtime. Whenever manual power reaches its limits, hydraulics provide maximum power transmission. The robust, hydraulic pullers are capable of solving even extreme pulling problems. The infinitely variable, hydraulic force enables controlled and safe working, utilizing the full power potential of the puller. Depending on the cylinder, the pull-off force is in the range between 5 and 75 tons.


    Bucket of shovel excavator to the branch hydraulics Bucket of shovel excavator to the branch hydraulics
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    Joinery and carpentry

    The joinery focuses on the cutting, joining or finishing processing of wood and wood materials. KUKKO supplies the right tools for gentle and ergonomic work.
    Screw clamps are indispensable for fixing, clamping and holding together several wooden elements. Therefore they can be found in every carpenter's workshop. The 3-component handle ensures maximum power transmission even with wet and oily hands. The fixed and sliding clamps guarantee maximum stability at all times. Especially in furniture construction or in wood technology, screw clamps provide a special form of work relief. 

    Manufacture of woodwork to the branch carpentry and joinery Manufacture of woodwork to the branch carpentry and joinery
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    Motor vehicles

    The trend toward environmentally compatible mobility, alternative drive systems and new materials is changing the automotive industry at a rapid pace. We are helping to shape this change. KUKKO has traditional ties to the automotive industry.
    Our pullers are used in countless productions and workshops - to keep everything moving. In order to adapt our products to the constantly changing challenges of the industry, we work very closely with leading manufacturers. This enables us to tailor our pullers specifically to new materials, sensitive designs and fast processes in the repair sector, and to present our product development in line with innovations in the automotive industry. As a solution developer, we work continuously on future technologies together with the pioneers of the industry. In this way, we have firmly established ourselves as a trustworthy and forward-looking partner for individual inquiries and new product developments in the automotive sector. 

    View of a motor to the branch motor vehicles View of a motor to the branch motor vehicles
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    Local and long-distance transport is one of the biggest drivers of the German economy. KUKKO ensures that everything keeps moving and downtime is avoided. Regardless of whether road or rail - the challenges are increasing. Maintenance in particular is taking on a special role. KUKKO is closely connected to local and long-distance traffic and supplies tools that meet the challenges of the industry: Pullers that are adapted to increasingly lighter and thus more sensitive components. At the same time, with our manufacturer-specific special design solutions, we create the basis for fast availability and pullers for which no requirement is too high. This is our contribution to keeping the engine of the economy running reliably.

    Two trains on rails to the industry railroad Two trains on rails to the industry railroad
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    Steel construction

    The automotive, aircraft, pharmaceutical and food industries all have one thing in common - they rely on complex steel structures. KUKKO has been firmly associated with steel construction for many decades.
    The demands on steel construction are manifold. From planning to CAD design to assembly, various processes are run through to ensure a perfect result. High quality demands require a design that is suitable for production, functionality and assembly. Whether for individual construction or series production - as a solution developer, KUKKO not only offers tools for assembly and maintenance, but is also available for any individual questions. 

    Work on steel beam to the industry steel construction Work on steel beam to the industry steel construction
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    Wood construction

    Wood as a building material is used for the most diverse work. Whether as a beam element, support or complex vault construction - timber construction is characterized by a wide variety of techniques.
    Timber construction offers almost unlimited design possibilities. The extraordinary malleability of the material makes it a popular building material. However, even the best building material is only as good as the tools used to process it. KUKKO offers a whole range of tools for wood construction such as screw clamps, soft-face hammers, screwdrivers and much more.

    Woodworker in a production hall for the industry wood construction Woodworker in a production hall for the industry wood construction
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    Worldwide, military expenditures increase every year and thus effectiveness, reliability and long service life are in focus when maintaining wheeled and tracked vehicles in open terrain. KUKKO supplies the special tools and thus avoids downtime. Maintenance is an essential factor within the logistics of the Bundeswehr. Military vehicles must be able to be repaired quickly and safely on site during operations.

    However, the Bundeswehr vehicle fleet is very extensive. Each operational vehicle requires individually manufactured tools. For the specific toolkits, KUKKO produces its high-performance pullers - especially hydraulic solutions for various applications. 

    Armor to the industry authorities Armor to the industry authorities
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    Ball bearing

    From miniature bearings in small electrical parts or medical devices to huge ball bearings for driving vehicles and machines - KUKKO offers the right tool for every special application.
    Ball bearings are available in a wide range of sizes. They are used wherever applications, components or machines are to be set in motion smoothly. In addition to positioning moving parts, ball bearings also reduce friction. As an important machine element, ball bearings are installed in the automotive, robotics, electrical, aerospace and other industries. KUKKO offers the right tool for both ball bearing dismounting and mounting.

    A ball bearing in front of a screen on the industry ball bearings A ball bearing in front of a screen on the industry ball bearings
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    Commercial vehicles

    From trucks to tractors - KUKKO ensures that everything keeps moving.
    Commercial vehicles are used in the official, commercial and agricultural sectors and are used to transport people and goods. Special utility vehicles are used, for example, by emergency forces of the police and fire department. KUKKO's range of tools helps to avoid unnecessary downtime.

    Excavator and truck on construction site to the industry commercial vehicles Excavator and truck on construction site to the industry commercial vehicles
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    We are all craftsmen at heart. We know that there is hardly anything more important in the workshop than the high-quality, practical tools.
    For a craftsman, there is nothing more beautiful than creating something with his own hands. The end result is the reward for often strenuous work. To make this work easier, KUKKO offers a wide range of quality tools. This saves time when working and also creates a qualitative edge that counts across all industries today.

    A workbench with tools to the industry craft A workbench with tools to the industry craft
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    Whether in the automotive sector, rail transport or industry - the areas of application of the electric motor know no bounds.
    Electric motors are used in almost every area of life. Many household appliances that we use every day function thanks to electric motors. The transport sector is also inconceivable without electric motors. The advantages are obvious: reduction of downtimes, more power in a smaller installation space and a lower use of resources with higher energy efficiency. KUKKO has been closely interwoven with the automotive industry for decades and has accompanied e-mobility since its beginnings. The extremely sensitive lightweight components in particular require not only skilled handling, but above all the right tool. Supplying precision tools for this area requires knowledge of electric motor drive technology as well as an understanding of the design-related weak points and problem areas. KUKKO is very familiar with the topic of smart maintenance. We help to further develop the existing electric motor technology and optimize the drive configuration.

    A robot during manufacturing A robot during manufacturing
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    The digital upheaval in the manufacturing industry is in full swing. Whether automated transport systems or cloud-based solutions - KUKKO maximally counteracts a possible machine failure.
    In many manufacturing processes, production processes are optimized with the help of computer technology. Sounds simple, but is associated with any number of challenges. Here, the industrial robot plays a very decisive role. In the manufacturing industry, industrial robots are used to produce flexibly and at the same time respond to the individual wishes of the customer. The mechanical helpers not only facilitate various work processes, but can also be used universally. KUKKO recognized the digital upheaval in the manufacturing industry at an early stage and has made it its goal to increasingly network man, machine and workpiece. Our products help to develop future technologies and make the world more digital.

    Worker in a production hall to the industry sector Worker in a production hall to the industry sector
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    Motorcycle and bicycle

    The two-wheeler market is growing rapidly. Motorcycles stand for movement at the highest technical level. In order to be able to fulfill this promise of quality in the future as well, production processes need to be continuously adapted.
    Exhaust gas behavior, driving dynamics, noise emissions, increasing power transmission - the wide range of motorized two-wheelers is as diverse as it is complex. For this very reason, it is important to have a partner at your side whom you can trust. KUKKO brings more safety to the road with its innovative solutions. Whether modern drive and chassis technology or maintenance work - the installation space on motorcycles is very limited. Our pullers are available in a wide range of sizes so that every gear, no matter how small, can be reached and replaced. As a solution developer, we have made it our goal to always be one step ahead and to think of tomorrow's challenges today. 

    Motorcycle on lifting platform to the branch motorcycle and bicycle Motorcycle on lifting platform to the branch motorcycle and bicycle
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    Oil, gas and energy

    Energy supply is of immense industrial and economic importance. As an industrialized country, Germany is dependent on sufficient quantities and storage options for energy to keep critical infrastructure running even in extreme situations.
    Both the scarce availability of resources and supply bottlenecks have contributed to the fact that maintenance has become a very important issue as far as the functioning of plants and machines is concerned. Pullers from KUKKO therefore have a system-relevant function more than ever by counteracting machine failures and related energy bottlenecks to the maximum.

    Wind turbines to the industry oil, gas and energy Wind turbines to the industry oil, gas and energy
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    Digitalization, cost pressure, environmental aspects and an overall changing competitive environment - shipping companies are currently exposed to many different requirements.
    On the high seas, the demands on reliability and accuracy are particularly high, as repairs underway are only possible to a limited extent. Our many years of experience in working with shipyards and shipping companies gives our customers peace of mind. Pullers from KUKKO have proven their worth in the shipping industry for generations. Our special tools keep downtimes as low as possible.

    Close view ship propeller to shipbuilding industry Close view ship propeller to shipbuilding industry
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    Technical trade

    As a specialist in the procurement and storage of technical consumer goods, technical trade is one of the most essential cornerstones for industrial companies, trades and crafts.
    Technical trade acts as an indispensable link between industry and end users. As an expert in the field of procurement, storage and distribution, the technical trade assumes important tasks within the value chain.

    Warehouse to the branch technical trade Warehouse to the branch technical trade