The pair of trigger hook extensions 1-V-100-P to extend the clamping depth
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Series V-P

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Pulling hook extensions


The pair of jaw extensions is used to extend the clamping depth. This allows components that are particularly deep on a shaft to be gripped. The extensions can be combined with each other as required and thus adapted to the required clamping depth.

Area of application

  • For extending the clamping depth.

  • Unlimited extension of the clamping depth

  • Cross mount enables increased force absorption and relieves the screw

  • Can be combined with various hook types

Products of this series

Length by which is extended [mm]


Net weight [kg]

Global sales capability given

Global sales capability given

1-V-100-P 100 mm 0,565 kg Yes
1-V-150-P 150 mm 0,85 kg Yes
2-V-150-P 150 mm 1,195 kg Yes