A 3-arm universal puller of the 30+ series with quick-adjustable puller hooks for pulling off bearings, gears and pulleys

Series 30+

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Universal puller with sliding, always parallel Pulling hooks


The 3-arm universal puller with quick-adjustable pulling hooks is used to pull bearings, gears and discs in all common sizes for trades, workshops and industry. It can be used to remove any component that sits on a shaft and is freely accessible from the outside. Equipped with robust standard hooks and practical hand knurls, the puller all-rounder ensures particularly safe, user-friendly and non-destructive removal both on external removal and internal extraction. The 3-arm design guarantees even load distribution and therefore a particularly secure grip on the part to be removed.

Area of application

  • For extracting bearings, gears and discs in all standard sizes for trade, workshop and industry.

  • Easy, manual release of the pulling hooks by means of turning the manually adjustable wheel (Quick Adjust Technology)

  • 3-jaw design ensures even force distribution and enables greater pulling power

  • Easy application also with eccentric components due to free-moving pulling hooks sliding off the crossbar

  • Hexagon drive on the crossbeam, for safe counter holding

  • Quick-adjustable Pulling hooks guarantee immediate adjustment to any span between 0 mm - 375 mm

  • Shear-resistant suspension of the claw in the slide piece (Armlock Technology)

  • Secure positioning of the spindle thanks to the rotatable spindle tip, both on smooth surfaces and when centring (Switch Technology)

  • Optionally convertible from an external extractor to an internal extractor by reversing the pulling hooks

  • Anti-slip guard on the spindle head for safe working with wrench

  • Spindle riser protects the threading

  • Attach the Pulling hook to the part to be extracted from the outside
  • Slide the claws under the component
  • Use the hand knurl to manually fasten the hooks
  • Pull the spindle manually under pressure to fix it
  • Use a ratchet or combination spanner to move the hexagon on the spindle head until the component is released

Technical drawings

Front view
Gesamtbreite X8278
Gesamthöhe Z8282
Spanntiefe Aussenabziehen A8298
Spannweite Aussenabziehen (max.) Cmax8297
max. Drehmoment Tmax8324
max. Zugkraft Fmax8327
max. Zugkraft Fmax8326
Front view
Spannweite Aussenabziehen (min.) Cmin8294
Front view
Spannweite Innenausziehen (max.) Emax8321
Front view
Spannweite Innenausziehen (min.) Emin8320
Side view
Gesamttiefe Y8280
Schlüsselweite Betätigungssechskant S18287
Detail view 1
Hakenfußstärke an der Spitze (Klauenstärke K) K8310
Hakenfußbreite (Klauenbreite J) J8312
Hakenfußtiefe nutzbar (Klauentiefe nutzbar O) O8314
Hakenfußtiefe gesamt (Klauentiefe gesamt H) H8316
Klauenstärke gesamt (L+1mm) (Klauenabstand zur Grundfläche) L8318
Detail view 3

Products of this series

Span outside pull-off (min. - max.) [mm]


Clamping depth outside pull-off [mm]


Span inside pull-out (min. - max.) [mm]


Width across flats [mm]


Max. torque [Nm]

Max. tensile force

Max. tensile force [kN]

Max. tractive force

Max. tractive force [t]


Net weight [kg]

Included in the set

Included in the set

Global sales capability given

Global sales capability given

30-1+ 0 mm - 90 mm 100 mm 70 mm - 140 mm 17 mm 80 Nm 60 kN 6 t 1,46 kg K-2030-1+A Yes
30-10+ 0 mm - 130 mm 100 mm 70 mm - 180 mm 17 mm 80 Nm 60 kN 6 t 1,6 kg K-2030-10+ Yes
30-2+ 0 mm - 160 mm 150 mm 100 mm - 220 mm 22 mm 150 Nm 70 kN 7 t 3,8 kg Yes
30-20+ 0 mm - 200 mm 150 mm 100 mm - 260 mm 22 mm 150 Nm 70 kN 7 t 4,8 kg K-2030-20+S, K-2030-20+S+B Yes
30-3+ 0 mm - 250 mm 200 mm 180 mm - 340 mm 27 mm 250 Nm 100 kN 10 t 8,8 kg Yes
30-30+ 105 mm - 375 mm 200 mm 180 mm - 440 mm 36 mm 250 Nm 150 kN 15 t 1,635 kg Yes