The hydraulic auxiliary press 9-1 for increasing the pressure capacity of mechanical extractors
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Series 9

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Hydraulic additional presses


The additional hydraulic press is used to increase the pressure capacity of mechanical extractors for particularly tight bearings, gears and discs. Extraction forces of up to 30 tonnes can be achieved with the aid of the additional hydraulic press.

Area of application

  • To increase the pressure performance of mechanical extractors for particularly tight-fitting bearings, gears and discs.

  • Hydraulic additional press guarantees easy and controlled removal of particularly tight parts with little effort

  • Time-saving hydraulic upgrade without replacing the spindle

Products of this series

Height of the cylinder [mm]


Hub [mm]


Max. torque [Nm]

Max. tensile force

Max. tensile force [kN]

Max. tractive force

Max. tractive force [t]


Net weight [kg]

Global sales capability given

Global sales capability given

Included in the set

Included in the set

9-1 60 mm 10 35 Nm 100 kN 10 t 0,825 kg Yes
9-2 87 mm 15 50 Nm 150 kN 15 t 1,88 kg Yes K-226-4/12
9-3 113 mm 7 35 Nm 300 kN 30 t 5,16 kg Yes