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Inside Extract

Internal extractors are used for extracting internal ball bearings, ball bearing outer rings and bushings. The bearings are securely gripped by the inner extractor in the inner ring and quickly extracted by means of a good clamping effect. In order to be able to extract a bearing with an internal extractor, a series 22 counter-support or a series 22-0 slide hammer is always required.

Interior Extractor Tutorial

In this video, our KUKKO testimonial Eric explains the proper use of an internal extractor. There are also practical tips on how to extend the clamping depth for even more versatile use.

  • Schematic diagram internal extractor

    Inside extractor

    The internal extractors of series 21 are used for extracting internal bearings, bearing outer rings and bushings. The multi-shell design of the internal extractors has extra large gripping edges which grip under the component to be extracted.

  • +

  • Schematic diagram sliding hammer

    Slide hammer

    Series 22-0 slide hammers guarantee gentle and powerful extraction. If there is no possibility of support, a slide hammer is the ideal choice. Due to the ergonomically shaped, solid sliding piece, the applied force can be optimally transferred and a strong shock effect can be achieved.

  • or

  • Schematic diagram counter support

    Counter support

    With series 22 counter-supports, extraction can be particularly precise and with even more force.

  • Schematic diagram segment internal extractor

    Segment inner extractor

    The segment internal extractors of the 21-E series are used for extracting bearings, bearing outer rings, bushings and seals that lie flat. The segmented design with extra fine gripping edges allows the safe extraction of flat lying parts.

Optional extensions

2-150-EModular extension for trigger hooks (single)
MP_219Clamp for 2-arm puller
MP_9_hydraulic_additional_pressSeries 9 Hydraulic auxiliary press


  • Schematic diagram extensions


    If the part to be extracted is located particularly deep in a bore, the internal extractors of the series can be extended. With the aid of a 21-V extension, the clamping depth can be increased so that parts located deeper in the bore can also be dismantled non-destructively.

  • Schematic diagram thread adapter

    Thread adapter

    The thread adapters of the GA and GE series are suitable for extracting components with centric threaded holes and can be connected with a slide hammer or a counter support.

Dos and dont's when undressing inside

  • Schematic representation of the correct position of the arms

    When using a counter support, make sure that the arms of the counter support do not block the part to be pulled off.

  • Schematische Darstellung falsche Anwendung Arme
  • Schematische Darstellung richtige Anwendung

    The internal extractor must always reach under the part to be extracted.

  • Schematische Darstellung falsche Anwendung