5 good reasons to choose KUKKO

A shot from above of KUKKO extractors

1. Modularity

KUKKO offers a unique modular system in the 20 and 30 series. This results in a wide range of possible combinations with different hook types, adjustment options and extensions.
Depending on the application, the ideal puller can be assembled.

2. Serial number

The unique assignment of a serial number gives the product a unique identification characteristic. This simplifies reordering and traceability to a maximum.‍

3. Warranty promise for 5 years

By registering your product on our website, you will receive a five-year warranty.

4. Made in Germany

Demand for premium tools is increasing around the globe. Germany is particularly valued as the origin of the products. The KUKKO brand stands for quality "Made in Germany" worldwide.

5. Full service

As a global solution developer with know-how and foresight, KUKKO ensures that everything keeps moving for its customers and partners.
Should any questions or problems arise, we are available 24/7.‍

As a solution developer with vision, KUKKO has been focusing on perfect consulting for over 100 years.