Modular system

With the modular system you construct your own puller

Various puller parts spread out on a grey background

The most common application in honing is external honing with sliding, always parallel honing hooks. This includes our top sellers of the 20 and 30 series, which convince with their flexible modular system

This modular system represents a special unique selling point of KUKKO. It results in a multitude of combination possibilities with different hook types, adjustment options, extensions, 2- and 3-arm traverses and mechanical as well as grease-hydraulic spindles. 

By reversing the puller hooks, the pullers can be used for both external and internal pulling

In addition, hooks and extensions can be combined with each other. By attaching different claws (e.g. narrow or extremely narrow), the puller can be used for any installation situation


The user can assemble his individual puller for every application. It is also possible to assemble an individual product from all spare parts.

Unique combinability

For precise assignment, each KUKKO product is provided with an article number. After entering this number, you can use the search function on the website to obtain a detailed overview of possible accessories including combination options.
KUKKOexclusive is the black label with the article number on the spindle head.


Need an upgrade? No problem - KUKKO supplies the right accessories

More clamping depth thanks to extension

If the part to be extracted sits particularly deep on a shaft, the use of an extension is recommended. Thanks to the modular system, the hooks can be extended as required.

More stability thanks to a clamp

A clamp is used when the puller hooks have to be pressed particularly firmly against the part to be pulled off. This serves to support stability during pull-off.

More power thanks to grease hydraulics

To increase the pressure performance of mechanical extractors for particularly tight-fitting bearings, gears and pulleys, an additional hydraulic press is recommended.

Are you looking for additional accessories to optimize your puller? You can find our entire product range here.