7 golden rules for safe extraction

KUKKO Safety-First-Label - Safety is our top priority

The KUKKO Safety First label on a puller

Even the best tools require proper handling to eliminate the risk of injury in the workplace.‍
To use our tool safely, please always observe the safety and usage instructions!

All pullers with spindle are provided with a KUKKO Safety First label. This guarantees that you always have the safety instructions in view before using the puller. After use, the label must be reattached to the spindle.

Important. The following rules must be observed at all times:

  1. Always wear protective goggles and suitable protective clothing.
  2. Always wrap the part to be pulled off with an accident prevention sheet.
  3. Never exceed the specified load values of the tool.
  4. Check the correct attachment of the tool (hooks must always be parallel to each other).
  5. Always keep the threads of spindles and crossheads clean and always well oiled.
  6. Do not use extensions to increase the transmitted torque.
  7. Do not use electric or pneumatic power or impact wrenches.‍

Inform yourself about the correct use before each use. 
You can find out more about the safety and usage instructions here.