Cylinder liner extractor set

With KUKKO your engine runs at full speed through K-16 with Power Nut

Application of the KUKKO cylinder liner extractor set series K-16 with Power Nut

The cylinder liner extractor set of the K-16 series with integrable power groove is ‍ideal for extracting cylinder liners.
The three expanding bodies guarantee optimum adaptation of the internal extractor to the respective application.

In‍ just 5 steps to cylinder liner replacement

  1. Insert the internal extractor into the cylinder and tighten it using the connecting nut.
  2. Screw the power groove onto the spindle.
  3. Set up the counter support and fix it with screws.
  4. Push the spindle with the power groove from above through the crosspiece of the counter support.
  5. Tighten the power groove until the cylinder liner is pulled out.

Product improvement‍ - Now even more stable!

With its support feet, the counter support is suitable for large cylinder liners as well as ball bearings, etc. and ensures a firm footing during extraction.
The new truss family 67 is manufactured even more solidly and is therefore more resilient. This guarantees the highest product quality.

K-16 series

Set for extracting cylinder liners. Almost all components available as spare parts.

Maximum load capacity with minimum friction‍

KUKKO has developed the Power Nut for more force-saving clamping of tools and workpieces as well as driving without great friction loss. The decisive benefits of the nut are its low overall height and increased force generation. The Power Nut can be released and reinserted at the touch of a button.

Power Nut / Series 67

Can be used for clamping tools or as a movement thread.