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Driven by the spirit of the solution developer with vision, KUKKO has been focusing on the future for over 100 years. Following the guiding principle "Experience the next level", KUKKO finds the right pull-off solution for every problem - regardless of time and space.

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The film about the market leader that sells its solution products in over 100 countries worldwide


The trend-setting showroom at the Hilden headquarters is an important investment for KUKKO in know-how, application consulting and sales management. All existing and new customers are invited to discover the showroom at any time. We will be happy to guide you through the world of KUKKO, train you in the use of our products and offer training courses.

  • diverse Anwendungsbeispiele der Werkzeuge auf Tischen

    The openly designed and multimedia showroom promises a new dimension of experience.

  • Ein Informationsdisplay im Showroom Hilden

    As the centerpiece and special highlight, the touchscreen inspires with its 3D animations.

  • Ein Ausstellungsstück auf einer Werkbank mit Informationsdisplay

    The demo tables invite visitors to discover both analog and digital applications.

Expand your business

Especially for the trade with ball bearings we have developed a new model for business expansion with KUKKO. Our stand-alone pullers are designed for the dismounting of all available bearings.


As a solution developer with know-how and vision, KUKKO has been focusing on perfect consulting for over 100 years.

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