From pioneer to thought leader in solutions

100 years of experience.

The KUKKO logo for the 100th anniversary

1919 is the founding year of KUKKO. With a small series of honing tools, Alfred Kleinbongartz and Emil Kaiser showed pioneering spirit, which is still the decisive driver for the family business today.

What started as a factory in Remscheid is now a globally operating market leader in its fourth generation. In the meantime, KUKKO is no longer just a puller specialist, but is also a convincing solution developer that uses know-how and vision to ensure that everything continues to run smoothly for its customers and partners.

With 100 years of expertise, techniques are continuously refined and work processes are made more effective on a global scale. Our customers continue to benefit from this development edge to this day.

In addition to the distinct developer gene that is in every KUKKO product," Michael Kleinbongartz, CEO KUKKO, emphasizes, "the extraordinary importance of joint success in the team. To this day, we have remained true to the tradition of always wanting the best. Together, we pursue the vision of developing solutions that simplify everyday work and set standards from a technical point of view. We are aware of what is already possible and imagine how we can make it even better. In doing so, we are aware of our social responsibility and place the highest value on sustainability."

In the 100th year, strategy and design are put to the test and brought into their best form with the manifesto of a mission statement. As a result, the solution developer presents itself confidently with a new corporate claim "pull forward". The corporate design undergoes a modern upgrade and makes the self-image a multimedia experience. In particular, the new website becomes the central dialog platform for customers, industries and business partners.
With the successive expansion of modern communication media, KUKKO wants to consistently develop future technologies and assert its role as a thought leader. So that everything continues to run tomorrow >>pull forward.