Kukko presents Big Players

The global solution developer unveils new heavyweight champs.

The mobile and hydraulic kingpin press AXLE in use

Following the entrepreneurial spirit //Pull forward, the new Champs in the heavyweight class have been created, which KUKKO will present in a new dimension for the first time at NUFAM. The heart of the hydraulic Big Players series is the KUKKO AXLE, a mobile and hydraulic kingpin press. Developed according to the latest state of the art, the kingpin press serves the highest demands in everyday workshop work.


Highest precision

With the help of the spindle, the working height can be adjusted with millimeter precision, thus ensuring optimum handling for any installation situation, no matter how difficult.

Simple handling

The Axle operates "hands-free". This means that operation by one person is supported by a pneumatic hydraulic pump. This significantly minimizes the amount of force required.

Multifunctional use

Thanks to the swiveling and rotating press frame, precise positioning is ensured. At the same time, the 360° swivel unit ensures dual use for pressing in and out.

Motor conductor Uranos

Universal adjustment

The versatile use of the engine conductor guarantees optimal conducting of the inclined position when removing and installing engines and power units of all types of vehicles.


The motor conductor is ready for immediate use without mounting on the unit.

Limitless work

The flexible operation of the endless hand chain ensures any desired inclined position when removing or installing the motor.

Maximum safety

Thanks to guidance of the hand chain in an oscillating swing arm, sufficient safety clearance is always ensured.