Paving the way for visions

The prototype development of automobile manufacturers as a test track

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When it comes to putting a product development through its paces, there is no way around prototypes. Whether in mechanical engineering, the automotive industry or racing, once the development work on the computer has been completed, the next step is to test the suitability for everyday use and series production under real conditions.

Prototypes are an innovation-driven and therefore cost-intensive field. 150,000 euros for a single rotor case is quite a realistic order of magnitude in the industry. For these expensive one-offs or very small series, non-destructive disassembly is a must. After all, this is the only way to precisely inspect components and wear parts. This is where KUKKO's expertise as a solution developer comes into play. Leading developers in prototype construction and also the commissioning manufacturers rely on the puller solutions from Hilden. "For us, this proximity to product development is advantageous in many respects. Being able to accompany innovations and future technologies at this early stage gives us a head start in development. We know at a very early stage what requirements we have to meet as a tool manufacturer," says Managing Director Michael Kleinbongartz, highlighting the advantages of the cooperation.

Many proven standards were thus launched in parallel in prototype development and in Hilden. This cooperation makes it possible to take necessary repair and maintenance work into account as early as the development phase in order to be prepared for later series operation.