Perfect peel-off power with the 20-10+

2-arm universal puller

The puller 20-10+ is applied to a gear wheel

The 2-arm universal puller from KUKKO can be used variably as an external and internal puller. Equipped with KUKKO's quickadjust ‍technology, the 20-10+ offersmaximum ease of use.

The manual knurls allow the puller hooks to be quickly released and moved on the crosshead. By reversing the hooks, the 20-10+ can be used multifunctionally for extracting bearings, gears and washers.‍

The part to be removed is located on a shaft and is freely accessible from the outside.‍ The gear is gripped from the outside and released from the shaft in the subsequent step by tightening the spindle.

The part to be pulled off is seated in a recess and can therefore only be gripped from the inside.‍ There must be a shaft or support facility inside the ball bearing to build up counterpressure to ensure the pull-off process.