Pressure piece set with interchangeable tips

The right tip for every application - interchangeable tip set K-600-018

View of the case of the pressure piece set K-600-018 on a workbench

The interchangeable pressure piece set is considered the optimal supplement for KUKKO pressure spindles with interchangeable tips. Combination results in six different application possibilities for individual adaptation on the shaft.


The set includes:

an interchangeable pressure pad with dual tip, a flat pressure pad, a concave pressure pad, a pressure pad with large tip, a pressure pad kit, a magnetic mini-LED light and special grease.‍


Pressure piece with large tip


Thrust piece with concave bearing surface


Exchangeable pressure piece with dual tip

Application areas

1. Centering:

There is a large centering hole on the shaft journal. The thrust piece with a large tip is recommended here.


2. Shaft journal in special shape:

The shaft journal is rounded or the bearing mandrel is so large that the disk thrust piece does not lie flat. The concave thrust piece should be used.


3. Shaft journal with flat face:

The face of the shaft journal is flat. The disc thrust piece should be used. This is countersunk on the inside to accommodate small bearing arbors.

4.High shafts:

Spindle thrust piece and thrust pieces can be combined to support on different hollow shafts.

These are the benefits

Modular system:Spindle thrust piece can be combined with thrust pieces
Duality:Two-sided tip for smooth surfaces or centering
Spring washer:Stabilizes tip in spindle and allows easy tip replacement
Universality:Any mounting position can be covered
Non-destructive disassembly:Gentle removal due to exchangeable tips. Only one compressive load occurs