Pulling with muscle power

Mechanical spindles

A top view of the KUKKO mechanical spindles

The pressure spindles with rolled thread are specially developed for use in KUKKO extractors. This guarantees particularly good sliding properties in the thread.
The fine thread ensures ideal power transmission. Exactly the force required for pull-off is generated.

These are the benefits:

  1. Optimal adaptation of the spindle to the shaft due to dual spindle tip (ball and point)
  2. Bearing-mounted, free-turning center point protects the shaft from damage
  3. Spindle heads are provided with a collar; wrench cannot slip off
Mechanical pressure spindles

For extracting bearings, gears or washers by better centering of the spindle tip.


Mechanical spindles

For pulling off bearings, gears or pulleys by impact.


Mechanical impact shock spindle

For pulling off particularly tight bearings, gears or pulleys by impact.


6 in 1 - The right tip for every application‍

Interchangeable pressure piece set

Various application possibilities for individual adaptation to the shaft.