PULLPO - inspired by great role models

Non-contact is the new dimension in non-destructive disassembly

A man with an octopus on his head holds a puller to the camera

The bearing is defective. But the bearing cannot be grasped from the inside or outside. What's more, a classic puller cannot be supported anywhere. Until now, this was precisely the special case that could not be solved technically without damaging the bearing.

KUKKO has taken its cue from nature for the solution and imitated the precise grip of octopuses: PULLPO is the new puller generation that closes the previous application gap while being effortlessly easy to use. PULLPO enables contact-free dismounting of ball bearings. Neither the puller nor the spindle come into contact with the shaft or housing. The arms or hooks of the extractor are simply inserted into the outer ring of the bearing to be extracted with the help of support rings. They center and tighten all by themselves. Due to their special design, the extraction hooks guarantee a reliable hold during the extraction process and allow higher dismounting forces.

Depending on the ball bearing size, PULLPO is used with three or four arms. The absolute novelty of this puller innovation is the power transmission: The spindle is not supported, but connected to the bearing with support crosses to form a complete unit. After placing the extractor, the spindle is actuated with a torque wrench and the bearing is gently extracted. The collar on the spindle head prevents the wrench from slipping. This allows the bearing to be pulled off without leaving any traces.

The sophisticated PULLPO mechanism takes non-destructive disassembly to the next evolutionary level and opens up completely new areas of application. If additional impact force is required for the removal process, a slide hammer can be used with SWITCH Technology.