Pump hydraulic spindle power

Hydraulic cylinder

An application example of the KUKKO hydraulic cylinders

The hydraulic cylinders are suitable for extracting particularly large and tightly fitted bearings, gears and discs.‍
The robust, hydraulic extractors from KUKKO are capable of solving even extreme extraction problems. The infinitely variable force enables controlled and safe work while utilizing the full performance potential of the pullers.

Hydraulic 2-arm puller

The Y-205 series has swiveling pull-off hooks and a hydraulic hollow piston cylinder for the pump drive.


These are the benefits:
Power transmission:The greater the pull-off force, the stronger the grip of the pull-off hooks on the workpiece to be pulled off.
Multi-use:Universally applicable due to the possibility of adjusting the clamping depth

The right cylinder‍ for every application

Hydraulic hollow piston cylinders

The YRH series can be used as both push and pull cylinders. Completely equipped with threaded thrust piece. Single acting with spring return.


Hydraulic pressure cylinder

The YRE series is suitable for use in all positions. Models have a long stroke length. Single-acting with spring return.


Stroke cylinder

The YSM series is used where other cylinders are too large. Grooved piston ends make thrust pieces superfluous.


These are the benefits:
Easy to install:Easy installation thanks to threads on cylinder head and base or mounting holes
Maximum power:Increased break-in speed and increased power due to preloaded return spring
Long-Lasting:Removal of impurities on the piston and extension of service life thanks to integrated wiper