Seal ring extractor set

KUKKO maintains the gearbox with K-222-1/7

The KUKKO seal ring extractor set K-222-1/7 in use on a gearbox

The K-222-1/7 seal ring extractor set from KUKKO is suitable for radial shaft seals, axial shaft seals, sealing collars and other bearing seals. For extracting freely accessible as well as hard-to-reach sealing rings.

The set includes:

A universal extractor lever, a slide hammer, a pilot punch, a replacement hook, two extensions and special thread adapters.‍

Seal ring extraction set (Simmerrings) in case

Application 1: Freely accessible sealing rings‍

The universal extraction lever is used for freely accessible sealing rings (e.g. shaft sealing rings where the shaft has previously been removed). The sealing ring can be easily pulled out by the lever action.

Application 2: Sealing rings with little space / on a shaft‍

For sealing rings with little space or where the shaft has not been removed, the slide hammer is used.

First, a hole is pierced in the flat surface of the shaft seal using the pre-cutter.

The thread adapter is then screwed into the pre-punched hole with the coarse thread side. The slide hammer can then be mounted on the thread adapter. With light blows of the slide hammer, the sealing ring loosens and can be pulled out.