Series 46 + 47

The puller upgrade with KUKKO - Adapts to any component!

A puller of the 46/47 series is applied to a gear wheel

The 2-arm universal puller series 46 is suitable for pulling off fixed bearings, gears and washers. The swiveling puller hooks provide more clearance when fixing the component. This means that even rebuilt parts can be gripped effortlessly. 

Turn 2 into 3: The special combination crosshead provides space for an additional puller hook. This turns a 2-arm puller into a 3-arm puller in no time at all!‍ 

If there is sufficient space around the part to be pulled, we recommend a 3-arm puller(Series 47) for optimum load distribution.‍ Thanks to the long hydraulic spindle, even particularly tightly fitted parts can be dismantled non-destructively without great effort. 

Whether space-saving work thanks to 2-arm design and mechanical spindle or maximum power thanks to 3-arm design and hydraulic spindle - with KUKKO you can assemble your individual puller!

These are the benefits:

Combination pullers can be used with both 2 and 3 arms

The more force is applied during the pulling process, the stronger the hooks grip the part to be pulled off

Hydraulic upgrade thanks to replaceable spindle

Series 46

2-arm universal puller with swiveling puller hooks for pulling off bearings, gears and pulleys.

Series 47

3-arm universal puller with swiveling puller hook and long hydraulic spindle (incl. mechanical spindle) for pulling off extremely tight bearings, gears and pulleys