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For more safety and driving comfort‍ - Series 135

A series 135 separating fork loosens a ball-and-socket joint

The disconnecting forks of the 135 series are suitable for loosening ball-and-socket joints wedged in the conical seat, for loosening steering column levers, for dismantling shock absorbers, and for other disconnecting work of all kinds.

Precise and safe driving is only possible if the steering works. The transmission of movement from the steering wheel via the steering gear to the front wheels must be ensured at all times.

The shock absorbers ensure a better driving experience. The higher the load, the faster they wear. Increasing wear affects both the suspension and the steering.

You can maintain the steering with the separating fork from KUKKO‍. Defective shock absorbers can be easily replaced.

Our separation forks are forged and of the highest quality!‍

Separating fork / 135 series
  1. Loosening of wedged ball pin joints.
  2. Loosening of steering column levers / tie rod ends.
  3. Dismantling of shock absorbers.
  4. Other separation work.

These are the benefits

Work facilitation:Enables you to work quickly and powerfully
All-in-one:Can be used as a universal tool for all cutting jobs
Power transmission:Angled fork provides perfect leverage
‍Universality:Applicable even in narrow gaps

The steering head bearing can be loosened with just a few hammer blows on the separating fork.