Thread Repair Kit Series K-58

Thread replacement made easy‍

A close-up of the K-58 series case

The thread repair set of the K-58 series is suitable for restoring heavy-duty screw connections in the case of torn-out internal threads as well as for repairing defective or overtightened threads on all oil pans or oil drain plugs.

Worn-out and damaged threads can be renewed professionally and cost-effectively in just a few work steps.‍
Back in its original condition thanks to the new thread insert!

The 60-piece set includes: 40 thread inserts in various sizes, 4 drills, 4 seat cutters, 4 taps, 4 insertion tools, a 2-piece tool holder with ratchet function, a can of Bio-Multi oil and a KUKKO chip with individual serial number for warranty extension. For metric threads M5, M6, M8 and M10.‍

Only 6 steps to thread renewal

1.The defective thread is drilled out with a drill.

2. The seat cutter ensures that the hole is lowered.

3. The tap is sprayed with Bio-Multi oil.

4. A new thread is drilled with the aid of the tap.

5. Thread insert is screwed onto the insertion tool.

6. The insertion tool turns the thread insert in.
Due to the special shape of the insertion tool, the thread insert is also lightly pressed.