Tomorrow's mobility

Electromobility places completely new demands on tools

Zwei Männer vor einem Motor in einer Werkhalle

Increased efficiency, less friction and new quality standards in lightweight construction - e-mobility is not only changing the automotive future, it is also leading to disruptive changes at suppliers.

KUKKO has been closely interwoven with the automotive industry for decades and has accompanied e-mobility since its beginnings. The extremely sensitive lightweight components in particular require not only skilled handling, but above all the right tool. "E-mobility is possibly one of the most trend-setting developments of our time. Supplying precision tools for this area requires knowledge of electric motor drive technology as well as an understanding of the design-related weak points and problem areas. In this highly exciting environment, we are working together with renowned car manufacturers and suppliers on the solutions of tomorrow," says KUKKO Managing Director Michael Kleinbongartz.

One of these innovative solutions is the PULLPO puller innovation. It makes it possible to pull off bearings completely without contact or destruction. This is a groundbreaking innovation that meets the special requirements of e-mobility. Increasingly limited space and thin-walled housings require precise application of force, without any contact with the shaft or housing - and the bearing remains undamaged.