Unique ID for highest product quality

Highest product quality and‍ user safety are the central requirements of our value proposition.

View of various KUKKO articles with component number

To ensure this, each individual part of the KUKKO range has an individual part number. With this number, repeat orders or complaints can be handled quickly and smoothly. At the same time, this marking is an expression of KUKKO's high sustainability promise, which promises decades of service life.

This is new

All‍ KUKKO products are now labeled with a nameplate. This label contains the following information:
article number, serial number, QR code, name and address of the manufacturer, dimensional information about the product, origin of the tool and identification of the performance.

These are the benefits

1. Quality and safety promise:

The customer can be 100% sure to have a quality product from KUKKO. This guarantees maximum safety and excludes any form of counterfeiting and product piracy.

2. Lifetime support warranty:

Due to the serial number, the product is clearly traceable and can get a lifetime support warranty by registering with KUKKO.

3. Individual tool ID:

Through the unique assignment of a serial number, the product acquires a unique identification characteristic. This simplifies re-orders and traceability to a maximum.‍