Universal puller set - K-2030-1+S-C

One set for maximum mileage - from the car to the air conditioning system

Overview of the contents of the KUKKO universal puller set K-2030-1+S-C

The 12-piece universal puller set from KUKKO enables bearings, gears and pulleys to be pulled off in confined spaces.

8 in 1 combination possibilities

The pullers can be individually adapted to the respective application. Both the pullers with narrow hooks and the standard pullers can be used with or without extension, with 2 or 3 arms.

Ready to use box

This means that the box is immediately ready for use, because thanks to quick adjustment, the tool can be operated with just one key.

Proven a million times over

The universal puller set from KUKKO is supplied in the practical i-Boxx. The boxes can be stacked and clicked together. Ideal for storage in the workshop and also compatible with the Sortimo case system.

5 years warranty

Thanks to the integrated chip, online registration secures the warranty extension to five years within the EU.

The right hook for every application

1. Change pulley:KUKKO enables non-destructive disassembly in automotive applications and provides mobility.
2. Replace gear wheel:KUKKO ensures perfect power transmission for electric motors.
3. Remove fan wheel:KUKKO guarantees better air circulation in air conditioning, ventilation and heating systems.

2- and 3-arm universal puller set with narrow, quick-adjustable puller hooks

This set contains the basic equipment of 2- and 3-arm pullers needed in every workshop.