Nuts loosening made easy

With KUKKO you can loosen any nut, no matter how tight it is - with the nut splitters

The KUKKO nut splitter of the 54 series in use

When nuts come into contact with moisture over a long period of time, they begin to rust. This problem also affects the automotive industry. Rusted elements can cause serious damage to the vehicle.

Depending on the degree of corrosion, the nut can then no longer be unscrewed without damaging
the threaded bolt. In addition, nuts lose their shape over time so that they can no longer be gripped with a wrench. The solution to these problems is provided by the nut splitters from KUKKO.‍

Full explosive power ahead!

Series 54

Double-bladed nut splitters with double blasting action for undetachably stuck nuts of grades 5, 6 and 8.


Only one operation due to double cutting action!

Series 55

For blasting stuck or over-torqued nuts without damaging the grade 6 threaded stud.


Used when there is little space around the nut.

Series 56

For blasting extra large stuck or over-torqued nuts without damaging the grade 5, 6, 8 and 10 threaded stud.


Low effort with maximum blasting force!


This is how it works!

The Pullback Technology promises ‍a unique and easy turning back of the nut splitter bit from deformed or blasted nuts.