The 5 best tips for internal extraction

Internal extraction to perfection - KUKKO explains what matters!

An application example of an internal extractor

Internal extractors are used for the internal extraction of ball bearings and bushings which are not freely accessible from the outside because they are located in a recess. In order to be able to grip a bearing with an internal extractor, a counter support (series 22) or a slide hammer (series 22-0) is always required.

Special pullers for ball bearings are required for the non-destructive extraction of ball bearings which are located in a housing and on a shaft. The PULLPO (70 series) with its puller hooks engages precisely and gently at the same time in the bearing raceway of the ball bearing.

These are our pro tips!

1. apply the internal extractor correctly

During internal extraction, the extractor must always reach under the part to be extracted. When using a counter support, make sure that the arms are not standing on the part to be extracted.

2. use extensions

An extension can be used to extend the internal extractors of the 21 series internal extractors can be extended with the aid of an extension so that parts located deeper in the bushing can also be dismantled non-destructively.

3. use thread adapters

In combination with a slide hammer or a counter support, the thread adapters of the Series 22-1-AS can be used. The adapters take over the function of an internal extractor when the threaded pins are screwed into the part to be extracted.

4. slide hammer vs. counter support

Once the inner ring of the bearing has been securely gripped by the internal extractor, it can be quickly extracted by means of a good clamping action. Either a slide hammer or a counter support can be used for this purpose. The advantage of the slide hammer is that it can be extracted in a very confined space without the need for supports, whereas a counter-support is more precise and requires more force.

5 Use segment internal extractor

For internal extraction of flat bearings, bearing outer rings and bushings, we recommend using segment internal extractors of the Series 21-E. The extra narrow gripping edges allow dismounting even if there is little space under the component to be extracted.

Internal extraction with pure muscle power - combination of internal extractor and slide hammer.

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